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    The ownership of each apartment is divided into 12 shares, each which represent one calendar month (not 4 weeks).  One can purchase up to 3 shares per project, thus giving one up to 3 months of ownership per year. Paris Home Shares has decided to use a "rotating" usage system, which works as follows:
    For the initial year, the usage month is either determined by lottery, or by a first come, first served basis.  Owners of multiple shares can request whether their shares are " back-to-back", 6 months apart, or whatever interval they desire.
    For years 2-3, the month allocated to each owner is advanced 3 months forward from the prior year.  So, for example, if your month  in Year 1 is January, then in Year 2 it would be April (Jan + 3 months),   Year 3 is July, and Year 4 is October.  In this way, every owner gets the opportunity to experience the 4 seasons of Paris in 4 years. Beginning in Year 5, everyone advances 1 month from their initial starting point, os in our example, the owner' s month becomes February (Jan + 1 month).  Years 6-8 proceed with the 3 month rotation method.  By Year 12, every owner will have had the use during each of the 12 months.  For a chart of our usage months, click here.
    Why do we set our usage up in this manner?  The simplest reason is that it allows us to price every share equally.  To do otherwise, or to sell fixed months, would require an arbitrary pricing scheme which would be entirely subjective. 
    Owners are free to exchange their time with other owners, or to allow their friends and family to use their time.  Our only rule in this regard is a strict prohibition against rental of the apartment during any ownership period. (See the FAQ for the reasons why this is so.)
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